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Who knows what CODE BROWN if you heard it? Show of hands.
Please tell the rest of the audience what it means.
Thank you.
This information is in the Safety and Security Procedures on the Intranet
These are various headlines Ive found over the last year that are related to Campus Shootings. This is our reality, and we must deal with it by being prepared.
What I would like to do next is present to you a scenario I received at a Vulnerability Exercise. I have revised and shortened it for the sake of time, but I want you to understand our lack of preparedness and what must be done over the next several weeks.
Along the way, if there is something you need clarification on as it relates to Trenholm please stop me. To assist with the Q&A is Deans Spears and Holt.
We can lose our status to receive financial aid and be fined substantial amounts of money for violations. We must enforce the use of protective gear in the labs. This includes masks, shoes, aprons and more importantly establish standards for clothing to be worn in industrial areas.
We have to establish initial control to the extent possible until the police department arrives and take control of the situation. The first officer to arrive becomes the on-scene commander. Until that happens WE must know where the shooter was last, whether we have injured or dead, and prevent to the extent possible any further deaths or injury by not making ourselves available.
If you can imagine the mindset of someone who has committed this type of crime, they will probably have a sense of not having much to lose and will keep killing and in most cases kill themselves.
Shooting events in the workplace can be triggered by a number of events:
Domestic situations that come to the workplace
Disgruntled employees
Fired employees
Students angry with the school or instructor
Students with gang affiliations bring the fight on campus
Drug transactions that go bad. Do we or have we had drug issues, YES.
Our best defense is to know our procedures, be observant and report anything you suspect is out of the ordinary. I would rather be wrong than make an assumption and we lose people because we have failed to act.
Any event of an emergency nature will be sent through both systems. After normal school hours, only Trenholm Alert will be used, however it is just is effective.
The system will be activated by Kenny Cox or myself. We have to coordinate our actions/locations to ensure someone is available to activate one or both systems.
Regardless of where we are, Trenholm Alert can be activated. The last time we used the system, Kenny and I were in New Orleans, however in that case I was monitoring the weather and in constant contact with the President or other Deans.
Anyone who first becomes aware of a situation that poses danger to anyone in the college may contact law enforcement (Montgomery Police Department), campus security, and Dean or the President as soon as possible.
Provide as complete of information as you can.
You must think in terms of personal liability when you assume the responsibility of moving an injured person
Anyone who witness an accident or injury is obligated to provide this assistance and complete the accident report as soon as possible