"Has to be taken seriously"
Has to be taken seriously

EMERGENCY CODES: To be announced on the Alert Notification System  or Trenholm Alert as required
CODE BROWN: THE THREAT OF BODILY HARM: A threat to do bodily harm with a gun or other weapon.
CODE BT: BOMB THREAT: A message has been received that there is a threat of a bomb on campus
Notifications to Evacuate a building or Take Shelter

"Many Colleges Still Not Prepared..."
Many Colleges Still Not Prepared for Campus Shootings
Southern Union Shooting, closer to home
UAH Campus Shooting, Three Dead
Virginia Tech shootings - Roanoke.com
News results for campus shootings

CBS News
Employee Killed in Ohio State Shooting - Watch OSU Campus ...‎ - 1 hour ago
Events Sunday to honor second anniversary of NIU campus shooting ...
Feb 12, 2010 ... DEKALB (WREX) - The campus and community at NIU will hold two events Sunday to remember the tragic campus shootings from two years ago. ...
NYC Man Pleads Not Guilty in Harvard Shooting
 Two killed in Michigan college shooting - CNN.com
Students react to on-campus shooting
Some students question the University’s response to the incident
 Shooting reported on Coral Gables campus | The Miami Hurricane

"We have an obligation to..."
We have an obligation to protect the student when they are on the campus, Federal Law requires it (no exceptions)
This includes what YOU do in the classroom and lab environment
Federal Reporting affects on Federal Aid
Failure to comply can result in lost of aid and fines.
We are required to enforce usage of protective gear.

"If Trenholm was had a..."
If Trenholm was had a shooting event today we must be able to control the chaos by:
Call Montgomery Police Department FIRST!  Dial 911
Take control of Students by not be allowing them to enter the hallways or attempt to exit the building, this must be contained to minimize collateral damage
To the extent possible, classrooms must be locked
The single point of contact to notify the administration of an event is the Campus Operator:  Extension 4200
Get the campus guard on campus involved as soon as you can, as soon as I am notified I will get additional guards to control traffic and reporting.

"How quick can we get..."
How quick can we get the message to the rest of the campus through Trenholm Alert
Answer:  Quickly through the Alert Notification System and Trenholm Alert.
Who activates Trenholm Alert if I’m not on campus
Who is prepared to use the Alert Notification System if I’m not on campus
Who makes the initial contact with Law Enforcement

"The shooting at Southern Union..."
The shooting at Southern Union could have been any college in the system.
NONE of the recent headlines involve students as the PERPERTRATOR!
There are patterns to the recent violence
How to Control the Chaos
Recognizing Threats
The College must adopt a Zero Tolerance Policy for both Student and Employee Behavior

WEAPONS AND DRUGS ON CAMPUS Violation of Federal Law, State Law and Board Policy
Immediate consequences for dismissal
Recent changes to State Law that allows a weapon in your car at your workplace is NOT applicable to any level of Education Institution

"Rewrite of Safety and Security..."
Rewrite of Safety and Security Procedures
Will contain specific checklists for many events
Nothing replaces common sense
RFP will be issued soon for issued for new Security Contract
Identification of Hazards to our environment is our priority
New parking controls and signage
Enforcement with Wheel boots and fines

"Become familiar with the Security..."
Become familiar with the Security Procedures on the Intranet; as a minimum know where they are
Identify whether your classroom door(s) can be locked
If locks do not work, notify maintenance with a Helpdesk ticket
If we have any situation where another person threatens life and safety of anyone in the college we want the student s kept in the classroom
On a plain piece of paper write the following and stick to the door window (numbers only).

Top Number: Total # in classroom
Bottom Number:  Total # injured


"Recent event should be enough..."
 Recent event should be enough proof that warning should be taken seriously
Tornado Warnings Mean – Take Shelter
Tornado Watch Means – Tornadoes are possible
Severe Thunderstorm Warning Means:  Severe Thunderstorm are imminent and has the potential for hail, straight line winds, micro burst and even an embedded tornado.  Should be taken seriously, however does not warrant taking shelter

"The Alert Notification System will..."
The Alert Notification System will be used
Canned electronic messages are passed over the system unless I need to provide a real-time update using the PA system
Trenholm Alert will be used in conjunction with the Alert Notification System from this point forward

"Establish who is in your..."
Establish who is in your classroom and maintain control of your classes when directed to shelter
Trenholm Alert is updated once per term.  Ensure that you check your Trenholm Alert contact information when you receive the email from the system.
Know who your building captain is ask them questions  when you are not sure of your actions

"DIAL 911 and report an..."
DIAL 911 and report an incident whenever someone is injured and need emergency assistance.
Provide your name
Location (street address, building ID)
Type of injury
As soon as possible YOU complete an accident report (Do not allow the injured person to do this)

"Campus Safety/Security Procedures"
Campus Safety/Security Procedures
Located on the Intranet under PUBLICATIONS
Accident Forms
Located on the Intranet under FORMS
We are producing a durable Emergency Procedures Poster that will cover most of what been covered here today.
This presentation will be published on our Intranet under Publications

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