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            All full-time employees of the two-year college system are covered by the State Retirement System.  Effective January 1, 1967, five (5) percent of the annual salary is deducted and this contribution is matched by an appropriation made by the Alabama Legislature.

The “Full-Time Public Education Act” provides that all full-time employees employed by an agency of public learning in the state shall become members of the Teacher’s Retirement System. NOTE: Temporary support personnel are not eligible to pay into teacher’s retirement. Adjunct instructors and part-time non-instructional employees working less than 20 hours per week do not earn any benefits.

            A member who is in service with at least 10 years of service may apply for disability retirement benefits. To qualify for a disability benefit, the member must be determined by the TRS Medical Board to be permanently incapacitated for further performance of duty. The determination will be based upon an evaluation of the documentation provided by the member’s physician(s).

Upon attainment of age 60, a member with at least 10 years of service may apply for retirement benefits.

The “25 Year Act” enables members of the Teachers Retirement System with at least 25 years of creditable service to apply for service retirement without regard to age.

The Application for Retirement must be received no less than 30 nor more than 90 days prior to the effective date of retirement. It is the responsibility of the member to notify the TRS regarding intent to retire.

Retirement Formula



Years (and











Partial Years)











of Creditable





















*The average of the three highest years (July through June) out of the last 10 during which member contributed.



            To help provide security in times of sickness or hospitalization, various insurance plans are available to the staff and faculty through the payroll-deduction plan.  These include:

            1.         Hospitalization

            2.         Cancer

            3.         Dental

            4.         Vision

            5.         Intensive Care

            6.         Accident and Hospital Income


            The Legislature of the State of Alabama enacted legislation that provides funds for health insurance coverage for the Alabama College System.

            The State allocation for each eligible employee is set at a rate recommended by the PEEHIP Board and approved by the Legislature of the State of Alabama.  To be eligible for full allocation, a teacher must be full-time and other employees must be employed at least twenty (20) hours per week.  Temporary, seasonal, and adjunct employees are not eligible for insurance benefits.  Part-time permanent employees are entitled to a pro rata allocation as shown below:

            Support Staff Works                                        Allocation Entitlement

            0 to 4.9 hours/week                                                      0

            5.0 to 9.9 hours/week                                                   ¼

            10.0 to 14.9 hours/week                                               ½

            15.0 to 19.9 hours/week                                               ¾

            20 or more hours/week                                     1


            Faculty Works                                                  Allocation Entitlement

            Less than ¼ time                                                           0

            At least ¼ time but < ½ time                                         ¼

            At least ½ time but < ¾ time                                         ½

            At least ¾ time but < Full-time                          ¾

            Full-time                                                                       1

Open Enrollment

            Open enrollment for all current and new employees is August and September of each year for coverage effective October 1.  New employees may enroll on their date of employment, the first day of the month following employment or open enrollment.  Information concerning open enrollment, insurance changes, premium rates and benefits will be distributed in July or August.  Employees may add new coverage and change coverage types during this open enrollment period only. 

            In order to effect a coverage change, you must contact the payroll clerk in the Business Office to complete the proper forms.  Preexisting conditions will be waived on all coverage added during the open enrollment period.  Once a member makes a change during open enrollment, he/she may not change again until the next open enrollment unless there has been a change in status.


Shared Allocations

            Spouses employed by the Alabama Public Schools are eligible to combine their allocations for insurance coverage.  Employees may transfer their share of the State allocation to a spouse who is employed with a unit that participates in PEEHIP coverage or is a retired member of Teachers’ Retirement.  A retired member's allocation cannot be transferred to an active member.  If you have problems in this unique area, please contact the Teachers' Retirement System Benefits Office in Montgomery.


Cafeteria Plan

     Employees may elect to participate in the cafeteria plan, which provides for tax-sheltered premiums of eligible insurance plans offered through payroll deduction.  Employees may enroll at the time of employment or during open enrollment each year.






Payroll Deductible Programs

            Other programs available to full-time personnel through payroll deduction are as follows:

            1.         Credit Union

            2.         Prepaid Legal Services

            3.         Montgomery United Way

            4.         Tax Sheltered Annuities

            5.         Christmas Savings Plan

6.                  AEA/NEA Dues

7.                  AEA - Insurance  Benefits Package

8.                  College Foundation


            Dues:  NEA, AEA, ESPO Dues and political contributions are continuing annual deductions.  Once you have signed up for these deductions, they will continue each year unless you cancel the deductions in writing between August 15 and September 15.  In event you resign or go on leave without pay, the balance of your dues payable for the current year will be deducted from the last payroll check.

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