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IV.  Student Forms and Procedures


Student Records

The Director of Admissions and Records supervises the handling and maintenance of student records.  College officials having access to permanent student files and records are all administrative and Student Services personnel.  Permanent student files and records are stored in locked areas and kept in fireproof cabinets.  Confidentiality of student records is maintained according to the Alabama State Board of Education and Commission on Occupational Education guidelines and legal mandates.  Policies concerning student record access, review, and content challenge are detailed in the College Catalog.


Privacy Rights of Parents and Students Act

The College adheres to the practices established by the Federal Family Educational and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. 1232g, known as the Buckley-Pell Amendment.



Pre-registration and Open Registration are held during dates scheduled prior to the beginning of each term.  All new students and returning students should meet with an advisor to complete a Course Registration Form.  During the scheduled advising period (usually the week prior to Pre-registration), currently enrolled students must meet with an advisor in his or her department to receive a pre-printed Registration Form.  Approval is required from the Dean of the Academic Services/Associate Dean of Technical Education for students planning to enroll for more than 19 credit hours.  Advisors will input the course information into the College computer system and a computer-generated schedule is produced that indicates the amount of tuition and fees and fees due.  All schedules must be processed in the Cashier’s Office or Bookstore, even if no payment is due, in order to complete the registration process and receive a receipt.  Schedules that have not been validated by the deadline date will be voided and classes will be deleted.   



The process of advising students carries with it the responsibility of assisting students in selecting requirements in a planned sequence that will lead to graduation in a time frame that meets the requirements as advertised in publications or that meets the stated needs of the student.  The Degree Plan will provide documentation that the advisor and the student have planned the sequence of courses. Any changes from the published degree plan must be approved by the Dean of the College.  Students should be advised that they might not be able to graduate as planned if they do not follow the sequence of courses as advised.  A degree plan is to be maintained and updated each term for each student, showing the requirements for the selected award and the courses completed.  When a student completes the program, the degree plan should indicate that all courses have been satisfactorily completed.


Course Drop/Add

Students may add and/or drop classes during the official drop/add period.  The drop/add period is the first three days of Fall and Spring semesters and the first day of Summer term.  The Drop/Add Form is available in the Admissions Office.  The form must be completed and taken to Admission Office to be processed.  Depending on the schedule change, students may or may not be required to have their new schedule validated.    


Student Partial and Total Withdrawals

Students intending to withdraw from an individual class or completely withdraw from the College must obtain an Official Class Withdrawal form or an Official Total Withdrawal form from the Admission Office.  The form must be completed and signed by the student, signed by the appropriate instructor(s), and returned to the Admission Office for processing.  Students who withdraw on or before a specified date each term (70% date) will receive the grade of “W”.  Students who withdraw after this date will receive a letter grade.  If the student is receiving financial assistance, the form must also be signed by a Financial Aid Official.  All withdrawal forms must be on file in Admissions Office before the final examination in the class is given. 


Instructor Initiated Drop

 Students who break the Attendance Policy established by the College will be unofficially withdrawn by the instructor using a Notification of Unofficial Withdrawal form.  The form can be obtained in the Admissions Office and should be returned to the Admissions Office for processing.


Financial Aid Certification of Attendance

In order to charge books to a financial aid source, students must present to the Bookstore Cashier a signed Attendance Verification form.  This form will verify that the student has attended class, making him or her eligible to charge books to financial aid. 


Financial Aid Non-Attendance List

To be eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant check, students must attend each of their classes at least once.  To identify the students who have not attended class and are not eligible to receive checks, a “No-Show” Roster is sent to all instructors after the Drop/Add period each term.  This roster must be completed, signed and submitted to the Financial Aid Office by the specified date, even if no students are listed.  The list is for financial aid purposes only and does not constitute an unofficial withdrawal or take the student(s) off the class roll.


WIA Classroom Training Timesheet

The WIA Classroom Training Timesheet form is used to report attendance for students receiving Welfare Investment Act (WIA) sponsorship.  Instructors must verify student attendance and sign the form at the end of each two-week training period.  Each student is responsible for taking the form to his or her instructors and for submitting it to the Financial Aid Office at the end of each pay period.      


Grade Reports

At the end of each term, instructors are given a Grade Reporting Form on which grades are to be recorded.  Full-time instructors must submit grades to the Admissions Office by the working day following the end of each term.  Part-time instructors must submit grades of each course by the day following the last scheduled class meeting. The Grade Reporting Form is printed in duplicate form.  The instructor must submit the original form and keep the duplicate copy for his or her records.  After all grades have been entered into the computer, grade reports are processed and posted on the Internet.  Students have the ability to access their grades via the Internet. 


Grade Changes – GET APPROVAL

If a student has reason to believe that the letter grade received in a particular course is wrong the student must make an informal effort to correct the error with the instructor who issued the grade.  If the informal efforts of the student and faculty member have not produced a satisfactory resolution, a formal appeal is in order.  Refer to the Student Handbook and follow the Formal Grade Appeal Process.  Unless extenuating circumstances exist, the grade change must be made within one year after the grade was initially assigned.

If it is determined that the grade on the transcript is incorrect, the instructor must complete a Grade Change Request form and submit it to the Dean of Academic Services/Associate Dean of Technical Education for approval.  After approved by the Dean, the form is submitted to the Admissions Office for data entry.  The approved form will be placed in the student’s file.  The student may request a copy of his or her transcript to verify the grade change.  Instructors also submit the Grade Change Request form to update the grade of “I” (Incomplete).


Insert “I” Contract Info

Transfer/Alternative Credit

During a student’s first term of enrollment, he or she must have official transcripts from each college he or she has previously attended mailed to the Admissions Office.  Upon receipt of these transcripts, the Admissions Office will evaluate them for academic course transfer credit and complete a Transfer/Alternative Credit Approval form listing the academic courses which are acceptable for transfer credit.  If a student’s transcript contains technical course credits, which may be applied to his or her degree plan at this college, a copy of the transcript will be forwarded to the respective instructor or advisor for evaluation.  Instructors’ recommendations regarding transfer of technical course credit must be submitted to the Dean of Academic Services/Associate Dean of Technical Education for final approval.  After transfer credit information is entered into the computer, a copy of the student’s transcript is given to his or her advisor to update the degree plan.  Students who believe they have already mastered the material of a particular course may request an evaluation for alternative credit.  The costs and guidelines of such credit are outlined in the College Catalog.


Intent to Graduate 

At the time of registration for the term in which a student will complete his or her graduation requirements, the student must obtain Intent to Graduate form from the Admissions Office.  The form should be completed by the student, approved and signed by the student’s advisor, and submitted to the Admissions Office with the student’s degree plan, which should be obtained from his or her advisor.  Upon receiving the student’s degree plan; Admissions personnel will direct the student to the Bookstore/Cashier to pay a graduation fee, if required.  The Bookstore personnel will give the pink copy of the form to the student, the white copy of the form will be given to the Admissions Office, the yellow copy will be given to the student’s advisor, and the gold copy will be obtained by the Bookstore.



Instructors are responsible for maintaining a follow-up record for each student who completes a program, withdraws, or quits attending prior to completing a program.  Information concerning job placement; which includes place of employment, name of employer, job title, and job description, is to be collected for each student who withdraws or quits attending.  Annually, instructors will complete completions and placement report and an alternative completions report to illustrate program viability.  Please refer to the Student Assessment, Placement and Follow-up Plan for further information.

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