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IX:  Local Policies and Procedures


Faculty/Staff Meetings

          All employees are required to attend divisional meetings, professional development activities, general assemblies, and special “Called” meetings.  In addition, faculty are required to attend all Faculty meetings.  All  programs must have at least (2) Advisory Committee meetings per year and minutes must be turned in to the Office of Institutional Research and Academic Dean or Associate Dean of Technical Education.  Absentees from such meetings must be approved in advance by the President or the Dean of the College.  Staff members are expected to attend all called staff meetings and in-service meetings unless absence is approved in advance by the President or the appropriate Dean.


Use of Shops/Labs, Tools and Equipment

          Each instructor is responsible for the classroom and shop/lab to which he/she is assigned, including all tools, supplies, furniture and equipment issued to that department.  No work shall be done in the classroom or shop/lab outside the scheduled hours unless permission is granted by the President, Dean of the College or Associate Dean of Technical Education.  Student work projects must be done during the regular scheduled hours, unless prior approval has been received from the President, Dean of the College/Associate Dean of Technical Education.


Scheduling College Facilities


          Any activity not on the Academic Calendar and utilizing College facilities must be scheduled through the President’s Administrative Assistant.  The Administrative Assistant shall verify the eligibility of the group desiring to use the College facilities and if appropriate process a “Rental Application and Agreement Form,” and enter the event on the Academic Calendar.  The Administrative Assistant shall coordinate arrangements for the event.  Instructional programs operated by the college shall be given priority in scheduling college facilities.


Use of College Facilities by External Agencies


          Community agencies and groups may be allowed to use the College campus or facilities in accordance with the polices and procedures presented in the “Rental Application and Agreement”.  A facility use deposit may be required.  Fees for opening and closing facilities, utilities, cleaning facilities and for any damages may be deducted when deposits are returned.  The Rental Application and Agreement Form shall be available from and be processed through the President’s Administrative Assistant.


Buildings and Facilities

          A map of the College indicates the building & facilities location for each department on campus (Exhibits 2 & 3).


Learning Enhancement Center


New or prospective students are encouraged to visit the Learning Enhancement Center (LEC) to address any questions they might have concerning transition to college, course material, study skills, career exploration or strengthening their skills in English, math or reading.  State-of-art computers with Internet connection are available for student research and for accessing the Alabama Virtual Library.  The LEC is staffed with personnel eager to help each student achieve optimum success.  The LEC is located on the Patterson Campus in Building J and on the Trenholm Campus in Building C.  For questions about the LEC or for COMPASS Assessment information, contact either Lynn Sutton at 420-4349.


Off-Campus Usage of College Property


          The responsibility for institutional property rests with the custodian of the property and all members of the administration, faculty and staff holding supervisory positions to which institutional property is assigned.  As a general policy, institutional property will not be removed from authorized locations, without prior approval of the President or Dean of Finance and Administrative Services. (State owned vehicles are subject to a separate policy.)

All property that is owned by the institution or property for which the institution is responsible may be used only for institutional purposes.

When it is necessary to remove property from its assigned location, there must be authorization by the President or Dean of Finance and Administrative Services and by the appropriate faculty or staff member to which the property is assigned.

All institutional property removed from the campus must be returned to its proper location promptly upon the completion of the approved activity.


Vehicle Registration and Parking

          The following regulations shall apply to students, faculty and staff who operate motor vehicles on the campuses of H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College.


Registration of Vehicles


1.       All persons who drive one or more vehicles on campus must register at the bookstore.  This includes motorcycles and all other motor-driven vehicles.

2.       Vehicles must have a parking decal displayed on the driver's side of the rear window and in clear view on the rear of motorcycles.  The decal must be applied inside the front or rear glass of automobiles and the rear of other motor -driven vehicles.

3.       Each person driving a vehicle is responsible for legibility of the decal.  If a decal is accidentally defaced, it must be removed from the vehicle and submitted to the bookstore for replacement.


Parking Zones


1.       A color-coded campus map showing student- parking areas in green is available in the bookstore. Questions should be referred to the Bookstore.

2.       Fire lanes are indicated in yellow on the parking map and must be kept open at all times.


Enforcement Hours

          Traffic and parking regulations will be enforced Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.


 Business Office Hours

          The College's Business Office is open from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday and Friday, 7:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.


Roll Book

          Each instructor will maintain accurate, day-by-day student attendance records.  The Official Class Roll Book will be furnished by the College and will remain the property of the College.  At the end of each semester/term each instructor will submit the roll book to the Admissions Office on their respective campus.



          A graduation ceremony will be held at least annually.  Graduation exercise attendance is expected of all full-time employees with faculty status.  Students should be directed to submit their Intent to Graduate information the term prior to the completion of their program.


Mail Boxes


          Each employee has a mailbox.  Incoming mail is distributed daily.  Mailboxes should be checked daily.  Informational items are distributed via the mailboxes as needed and each person is responsible for collecting the material from the mailbox.  Official business mail may be turned in to the Bookstore on the Trenholm Campus and the Main Office on the Patterson Campus for stamping and mailing.




          All visitors on H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College campuses must report to the Administration Building of the campus they wish to visit to receive permission from the administration.  Vendors and others doing business with the college on a regular basis may receive permission for multiple visits.  Solicitation of business from students and employees is not permitted.  Students should not bring family members and/or friends to attend classes with them without prior approval of instructors and the Dean of Academic Services or Associate Dean of Technical Education.  All visitors must follow all appropriate policies expected of students and/or employees while on campus.


Food and Drink


          No food is allowed in classrooms or labs/shops at any time except on a special occasion with prior approval.  The Student Center located on each campus is provided for this function.  Instructors are directed to enforce this policy in their classes and shops/labs.



          Trenholm Tech is a smoke free facility, therefore, smoking will not be allowed in any building or in any College vehicle.  Students will not be excused to leave class to smoke.  This policy is to be enforced by all faculty and staff.


Returned Checks


          Two-year colleges have been authorized by the Alabama State Board of Education to charge for each check that is issued to the institution and is returned for insufficient funds or other reasons.  A fee will be charged for any check written to the College which is returned.  To reclaim the check, the writer must pay, in cash, to the College at the Business Office the fee plus the amount of the check.  The Business Office will provide information regarding the current fee for returned checks.  The College does not cash checks for employees.


Duplicating Equipment


          Copiers located in the Administration Building, in the Faculty/Staff Workroom Patterson Campus, Admissions and Financial Aid Office on Trenholm campus, and other areas on campus are available only for the instructors and staff members to use.  No students are permitted to use the copiers.

Each employee should be aware of the copyright law as it pertains to the duplication of material.  If you are unsure, the Dean of the College or Associate Dean of Technical Education will assist you with the necessary information.

If you have a need for typing, contact the Secretary of your division with the following information: date needed and number of copies.  An attempt will be made to complete the request and place the material in your mailbox on or prior to the requested date.

If the request for copying and/or typing is a test, please place the material in an envelope.  The confidentiality of the material will be maintained.

Also, if you have a need for transparencies, the copier has the capability of making transparencies.


Facsimile Equipment

          A fax machine is located in the Administration Building and is available to authorized personnel.  Please ask for assistance in sending a document if you are not familiar with the operation of the equipment.  The fax machine is connected to a dedicated phone line and the numbers are  (334) 420-4206 Patterson Campus and (334) 420-4201 Trenholm Campus.


Requesting Maintenance Services

Faculty and staff are to follow the following procedures when requesting services from the maintenance department.

A.      Emergencies:  Emergencies are to be reported directly to the Director of Physical Facilities and Safety and Security, Dennis Monroe, Patterson Campus.  Mr. Monroe may be contacted at office phone 420-4266 or his cell phone 799-6544.  If Mr. Monroe can not be reached, the emergency should be reported to the president’s office.

B.      Routine Services: A request for routine and non-emergency, such as replacing light bulbs, etc., should be submitted to the office of the Director of Physical Plant Safety and Security (420-4299) using the building work order on the college’s intranet. 

C.      Repairs and Facility Modification: Requests for repairs or facility modifications

are to be submitted using the building work order desk on the college’s intranet.


Inclement Weather


          In the event it becomes necessary to close the campus or to cancel classes and other activities due to the inclement weather, notices will be carried on the following radio and television stations:  WACV-AM 1170, WBAM-FM 98.9, WHHY-FM 101.9, WLWI-FM 92.1, WMXS-FM 103.3, WRWO-FM 96.1, WVAS-FM 90.7, WXFX-FM 95.1, WZHT-FM 97.1, WZHT-FM 105.7, WAKA-TV CHANNEL 8, WCOV-TV CHANNEL 20, WNCF-TV CHANNEL 32, AND WSFA-TV CHANNEL 12.  The college will be closed for one day unless otherwise indicated.


Telephone Use

          Telephones are provided to conduct college business.  Personal calls should be kept to a minimum.

All long distance calls will be recorded for billing purposes.  All long distance calls will be charged to the appropriate departmental budget.  Long distance calls placed for personal reasons should be charged to the employee’s home telephone number.  Students will not be called to the telephone except in the case of an emergency.  Students should be discouraged from using the college telephone system.  Pay phones are available for student use.


Employment Process

          The recruitment and employment process for faculty and staff at H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College occurs under the guidelines of the Lee vs. Macon Consent Decree, the Shuford-Kennedy Partial Consent Decree, or subsequent consent decrees.  The process, monitored by the President and accomplished by the use of search committees, includes announcing a vacancy, receiving and screening applications, interviewing qualified applicants, and recommending three to five candidates to the President for employment.


New Employee Orientation


          H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College new employee orientation is designed to provide necessary information to each employee depending on the job classification.  Each new employee receives instructions in the operation of the College.  The President provides the basic philosophy and purpose of the College to the employee, while the indicated Dean will review the duties and responsibilities.  If the employee is an instructor, the Division Director will orient the faculty member on the processes involved in teaching and administrative duties. 

Other new employees are introduced to their immediate supervisor who will furnish the necessary information about the position and the responsibilities.

All new employees are briefed by Payroll Clerk and Administrative Services Manager concerning paycheck, benefits, and other financial matters pertaining to the employment.           A copy of the Faculty and Staff Handbook, College catalog, Student Handbook and other publications are provided as a collection of information about the college.


Business and Industry Visits


          On faculty duty days, with approval by the President or designee, faculty should schedule visits to businesses and industries.  These visits will assist the faculty in maintaining current practices within their programs.  When a visit is made a Business and Industry Visit Form should be completed and placed in the faculty program file.


Professional Development


          Opportunities for professional development exist for all employees of H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College.  Personnel should be guided by the regulations in the Alabama State Board of Education Policy Manual for professional activities.  Faculty members should refer to the requirements as specified in the Certification Guidelines for "Grandfathered" Faculty Members publication from the Department of Postsecondary Education.  An approved Professional Growth Plan by the specific college will be the only means by which an instructor can advance in rank.”  (Policy # 605.02)   College personnel paid on the “E” salary schedule and who are desirous of advancing in Rank must complete a Professional Growth Plan.  Attendance at professional development seminars, workshops and conferences is expected of the professional employees at H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College.  From time to time, the College professional development activities vary from specialized seminars and workshops to programs of more general concerns to the faculty and staff.




All course syllabi are to be on file in the Offices of the Dean of the College, Associate Dean of Technical Education or Dean of Academic Services and the instructor's office.  Course syllabi are to be the same for all sections of the same course whether taught by full-time or part-time instructors.  The responsibility for keeping the syllabi current rests with the instructor.  A copy of the course syllabus should be given to each student at the beginning of each term.  Each course syllabus must contain a minimum amount of required information that pertains to the policies and procedures of the College.


Guidelines For College Program Advisory Committees


Advisory Committees shall be established and maintained to provide advice for the college’s instructional programs.  Each instructional program shall operate under the guidance and recommendations of a program advisory committee.  A single program advisory committee may advise for several closely related programs.

The program advisory committee shall provide advice concerning the instructional program.  The advice, guidance, or recommendations shall be made to the program instructional staff or to the college administration.  The advisory committee members shall be informed of the disposition of their advice and recommendations.

The program advisory committee membership must include a minimum of three (3) persons external to the college who are representatives of area employers and other individuals associated with the mission of the program.  Committee membership should include one or more program graduates employed in the field.  A majority of the committee members shall be representatives from the private sector.

The program instructors shall serve as non-voting members of the committee.

Committee members shall be appointed by the College President.  Original appointments shall be for one year.  Subsequent appointments may be up to three years. 

The committee may recommend, to the College President, individuals to fill any vacancies on the committee or to expand the committee.

The members of the committee shall annually select one of its members, from the private sector, to serve as Chairperson.  The members of the committee shall annually select one of its members as Vice-Chairperson.  A program instructor shall serve as recording secretary for the committee.

The committee shall meet a minimum of twice per year.  If feasible, the committee shall meet at least four times a year.

The Chairperson, after consultation with program instructors, shall call the committee meetings and set the meeting agenda.  The Chairperson shall chair the committee meetings.  When the Chairperson is unavailable the Vice-Chairperson shall assume the duties of the Chairperson. Roberts Rules-of-Order shall be the reference authority for conducting all committee meetings.

Minutes shall be made of all committee meetings.  Meeting minutes shall be distributed on a timely basis to each member of the committee, to the program instructional staff, and to the Dean of the College.

The committee, as a minimum, shall perform the following:

1.       Annually review the Mission of the Program and recommend modifications as needed,


2.       Annually assist in developing long-range plans for the program,

3.       Assist in evaluating the curriculum, facilities, equipment, standards, and student outcomes of the program,


4.       Assist in assessing the needs of the community,

5.       Assist in identifying and acquiring instructional resources for the program, and


6.       At least biannually, complete the Employer Program Verification Forms

          for the Council on Occupational Education.


First Aid Supplies


          All First Aid supplies may be obtained from the bookstore.  It is the head of each unit’s  responsibility to insure that each First Aid Kit is stocked with available supplies for each department or unit. 


Employee Dress


          H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College creates a professional image by the appearance of its facilities and grounds landscaping as well as the appearance of its employees.  Therefore, a professional appearance is expected by all employees.      Employees should dress appropriately for the requirements of their position. 


Equal Access and Opportunity

For Minority and Business Professionals


          H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College will take all necessary affirmative steps to assure those minority firms, women’s business enterprises, and labor surplus area firms are used when possible.

          Affirmative steps shall include:

          1.       placing these firms on solicitation lists;

          2.       assuring that these firms are solicited whenever they are potential sources;

          3.       when economically feasible, dividing total requirements into smaller tasks or quantities to permit maximum participation;

          4.       estabalishing delivery schedules which encourage participation;

          5.       using the services and assistance of the:

                   a.       Small Business Adminiatration, and

                   b.       Minority Business Development Agency of the Department

                             of Commerce; and

          6.       Requiring the prime contractor, when using subcontractors, to take affirmative steps.

Sexual Harassment

H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College affirms its commitment to ensuring an environment for all employees and students that is fair, humane, and respectful.  Therefore, the college will not tolerate any verbal or physical conduct that constitutes sexual harassment of any employee or student.  Such behaviors are prohibited by the Federal regulations that state:


“Harassment on the basis of sex is a violation of Section 703 of Title VII.  Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual behaviors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when:  (1) submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s employment;  (2) submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting such individual; or  (3) such conduct has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.” 


H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College deplores such conduct as an abuse of authority, and it is an official institutional policy that sexual harassment of employees and/or students will not be tolerated.  The College accepts the proposition that sexual harassment, like any civil rights violation, generates a harmful environment.  The administration of the college will act positively to investigate alleged harassment and to effect remedy when an allegation is determined to be valid. 


Student Conduct

Each employee of the College is expected to help enforce the policies of the College.  Entrance into a public postsecondary institution is voluntary.  Upon admission to this institution, the student has the obligation to adhere to the standards established by the College as long as there is no conflict with his or her legal rights.

H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College expects students to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the lawful mission of this tax-supported college. The College prohibits any disruptive or disorderly conduct which interferes with the rights and opportunities of those who attend this institution for the purpose for which the College exists—the right to utilize and enjoy facilities provided to obtain an education.  Specific forms of prohibited conduct include the following:

        Dishonesty, such as cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information to the College;

        Conduct in violation of federal, state, or local law;

        Destruction or theft of property;

        Obstruction or disruption of the College’s academic program or operations;

        Failure to comply with directions of college officials acting in performance of their duties;

        On-campus possession of dangerous weapons or firearms except by law enforcement officers or other college-sanctioned personnel;

        The presence, sale, consumption or use, and/or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs at H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College;

        Gambling in any form; and

        Any violation of the rules and regulations of the College.

        Violation of the acceptable use policy for Internet access and technology use.


Violations of the above will render a student subject to disciplinary action, which provides for adequate notice and a fair hearing.  Penalties for violations include reprimand, restitution, probation, suspension, and expulsion.

When there has been a serious violation of college regulations and a student’s continued presence might materially threaten the welfare of the College, the President or his designated representative may immediately suspend the student, pending a formal hearing by the H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College Student Disciplinary Hearing Committee.  Such suspension shall be interim, and the student shall be entitled to a hearing at the earliest possible time.


Academic Honesty

The primary goal of H. Councill Trenholm Technical College is the promotion of an atmosphere conducive to studying and learning.  Those conditions and actions, which encourage scholarship, are applauded; those conditions and actions, which deter or discourage intellectual growth and development, are deplored.  Therefore, academic dishonesty is defined as follows:

1.       Cheating on an exercise, test, problem, practice or examination submitted by a student to meet course requirements.  Cheating includes, but is not limited to: the use of unauthorized aids (such as crib sheets, written materials, drawings, etc.); copying from another student’s work; soliciting, giving and/or receiving unauthorized aid orally or in writing; or similar action contrary to the principles of academic honesty.

2.       Plagiarism on an assigned paper, theme, report or other material submitted to meet course requirements.  Plagiarism is the act of using, in one’s own work, the work of another without indicating that source.

3.       Use of texts or papers prepared by commercial or non-commercial agents and submitted as a student’s own work.

Charges of academic dishonesty made against a student by a faculty member must follow the principles of due process.  Faculty members must bring charges against a student in writing.  The grade “F” or any punitive punishment for academic dishonesty shall not be given by a faculty member unless guilt is established through the due process procedure.


Academic Freedom

H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College seeks to provide an atmosphere where students can make open and honest intellectual inquiry into any college matter appropriate for student participation.  The student can feel free to express dissent to any college matter within the limits of good taste.


Copyright, Trademark or Patent Ownership

          Copyrighted or trademarked material or patented inventions developed totally or partially on college time with the use of college materials or facilities or with college funding shall be owned by the college.


Internet Access

          Internet access is provided on campus for college employees and students to use for college business.  Further guidance can be found on the college Intranet under Publications/Computer Acceptable Use Policy.  This policy is required sending for all faculty and staff.



          This procedure must be completed each term five (5) calendar days following the DROP/ADD period.  The purpose of this procedure is to assure that a student does not receive financial aid for a course that the student has not attended.  (See Appendix 1)

1.     The Dean of Academic Services and Associate of Technical Education will distribute a Financial Aid Non-Attendance Roster (same as Course Roll) for each class.


2.     On the day after the drop/add period ends, the Dean of Academic Services and Associate Dean of Technical Education will forward to each instructor the memorandum (Reporting Student “No Shows”) and the Financial Aid Non-Attendance Roster for each class assigned to the instructor.


3.     Each instructor must review and complete each Financial Aid Non-Attendance Roster according to the instructions at the bottom of the roster.


4.     Each instructor must complete and sign the Financial Aid Non-Attendance Roster for each of his/her classes, keep the yellow copy, and submit the white copy to the Financial Aid Office on the campus where the class is taught no fewer than five (5) calendar days after the drop/add period.  Submit the roster for each class, even if there are no “No Shows” to record.


5.     The Financial Aid Office will notify the supervising Dean of Academic Services, Associate Dean of Technical Education and Dean of the College if an instructor does not submit rosters for all of his/her classes; the Dean will contact the instructor to determine why rosters were not submitted and will take action as appropriate.

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