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VII:  Leave


The Alabama College System Leave Policies

Type                 Description                                                                       Employees Benefited


Annual             Earn based on years of experience                         A, B, C, E, H

                         in public education in Alabama

                         See table


Emergency Maximum of 3 days, noncumulative                          A, B, C, E, H


Personal           Maximum of 2 days, noncumulative                    A, B, C, E, H

                         Maximum of 5 days, noncumulative                    D


Sick                  Earn 1 day/month, unlimited                                 A, B, C, D, E, H 

                         accumulation (per Act No. 2001-671).

                         Limited as credit for retirement purposes

                         to one day per month of employment.


Maternity         Maximum of 1 year without pay                           A, B, C, D, E, H

                         (may request use of sick leave first)


Military            Maximum of 21 working days                              A, B, C, D, E, H

                         in a calendar year for required           

                         military service


Court               Special leave required                                            A, B, C, D, E, H

                         court attendance



Leave Requests


          All leave must be requested on a Leave Request Form.  Leave requests must be approved by the employee’s immediate supervisor and the President.  Leave Request Forms are available from, and must be returned to, the Payroll & Personnel Accountant, located in Business Office on the Patterson campus.

Schedule H Personnel

          Permanent support personnel who work from 20 - 39 hours per week shall earn the same benefits as full-time employees with the following exception:


          1.      A "day" is defined as four (4) hours for persons paid from Schedule H-20, five (5) hours for persons paid from Schedule H-25, six (6) hours for persons paid from Schedule H-30, seven (7) hours for persons paid from Schedule H-35.


Temporary Support Personnel

          Temporary support personnel who work from 20 - 39 hours per week shall earn the same leave after being employed for four (4) months.  When referring to leave policy, a "day" will be prorated based on the number of hours worked per week.

          Temporary support personnel are not eligible for health insurance benefits.


Sick Leave

          Each full-time college employee employed on Salary Schedules A, B, C, D, E, and H shall earn one (1) day of sick leave per month of employment.  Employees shall be allowed to accumulate an unlimited number of sick leave days.  However, for purposes of applying accrued sick leave as credit for retirement purposes, the limit for credit shall be one day per month of employment.  According to the situation, sick leave should be reported as soon as it is known to be needed or immediately after it is used.

          The college administration has a duty to assure a minimal disruption of the College and continuity of instruction to the student.  After five (5) days of absence due to illness, within a thirty- (30) calendar-day period, the president or designee may require that an employee furnish a medical certificate by a qualified physician acceptable to the institution.  This is to be done at the expense of the employee.  Sick Leave will be granted only for the following reasons:

          A.      Personal illness;

          B.      Routine physical examinations, dental appointments, eye examination, etc.;

          C.      Bodily injury that incapacitates the employee;

          D.      Attending to an ill member of the immediate family (husband, wife, father,  mother, son, daughter, brother, sister) of the employee or to an individual with a close personal tie to the employee.

          E.      Death in the immediate family of the employee (husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, father-in-law, mother-in-law, nephew, niece, granddaughter, grandson, grandfather, grandmother, uncle or aunt).

          F.      Illness, injury or death of an individual not legally related to but having a unique relationship with the employee.  (Where unusually strong personal ties exist due to an employee’s having been supported or educated by a person, or some relationship other than those listed, this relationship may be recognized for leave purposes.)

          G.      Persons on maternity leave will be paid for earned sick leave on request.


Sick Leave Bank

          Upon the request of ten percent (10%) of the full-time employees of an institution, the president of the institution shall establish a sick leave bank plan for full-time instructional/professional/administrative employees and for full-time support employees, either jointly or separately.  The employees, using a secret ballot process shall make the decision of whether the sick leave bank will be joint or separate.


A.      Purpose

The purpose of the bank shall be to provide a loan of sick leave days for its participating members after their accumulated sick leave days have been exhausted.  The Bank shall be operated, managed, and governed by a Sick Leave Bank Committee subject to the guidelines of State Board Policy 610.01.  Full-time employees shall be allowed to deposit an equal number of days (not to exceed five days) of his or her earned leave into the sick leave bank.  The days shall be available for loan to any participating member of the institutional sick leave bank whose sick leave has been exhausted.


B.      Sick Leave Bank Committee

1.      The Sick Leave Bank Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Committee”) shall consist of five (5) members.  One (1) member shall be the college president or designee, who will be the Board representative on the Committee.  Four (4) members shall be elected by secret ballot vote of the sick leave bank members at the beginning of each leave year. 

2.                Members of the Committee will serve terms of one (1) year.  The college

president shall be responsible for conducting the election, ensuring the confidentiality of the secret ballot process.  No representative on the Committee shall serve longer than five (5) years.  Vacancies occurring on the Committee shall be filled by the respective parties. 

3.                Duties of the Committee

a.         It shall be the exclusive responsibility of the Committee to develop the guidelines and administrative procedures of the sick leave bank, including provisions for catastrophic leave.  The Committee shall also develop all necessary forms for the orderly operation and administration of the sick leave bank.  All guidelines and procedures must be approved by a secret ballot vote of the participating members and filed with the President’s Office and the Chancellor’s Office within fifteen (15) calendar days after their adoption.

b.         Meetings of the Committee shall be scheduled on a regular basis as determined by the Committee.  The Committee shall annually elect, by majority vote, a recording secretary, whose duty it shall be to take minutes of all Committee action.  The Committee during all its meetings shall observe Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition.

c.         The Committee shall have the authority to re-open the bank to non-participating members, upon the deposit of the prerequisite number of sick leave days.

d.         The Committee will distribute contribution forms to all eligible employees.  Forms for requesting loans from the bank shall be available at the business office of the college.

e.         The Committee shall maintain accurate records of contributors eligible to participate in the bank.

f.          The Committee shall review all applications for loans from the Sick Leave Bank and make appropriate decisions on approval of such loans.

g.         Any alleged abuse of the bank shall be investigated by the Committee and, on a finding of wrongdoing, the violator shall repay all of the sick leave credits drawn from the sick leave bank and be subject to appropriate disciplinary action as determined by the college.


C.               Sick Leave Bank Guidelines

1.                No employee shall be allowed to owe more than fifteen (15) days to the sick leave bank, unless more than fifty percent (50%) of the members of the sick leave bank vote to extend the limit.

2.                Sick leave days borrowed from the sick leave bank shall be repaid to the sick leave bank monthly as re-earned by the member.  Upon the resignation or other termination of an employee who has an outstanding loan of sick leave days, the value of the loan shall be deducted from the final paycheck at the employee’s prevailing rate of pay.

3.                A member of the sick bank shall not be allowed to accumulate more days than allowed by Section 16-1-18-1, including days in the sick leave bank.

4.                Employee membership in the sick leave bank shall be voluntary.

5.                Upon retirement or transfer of the sick leave bank member, days on deposit with the sick leave bank shall be withdrawn and transferred with the employee or made accessible for retirement credit, as applicable.

6.                Before being eligible to use catastrophic sick leave days, the member of the sick leave bank shall first borrow and use days from the sick leave bank, up to a maximum of fifteen (15) days.  However, if the member later qualifies for catastrophic sick leave, donated catastrophic sick leave days may be used to repay days owed to the sick leave bank to the credit of the affected member.

7.                At the beginning of each leave year, or upon employment of a new employee, the appropriate number of sick leave days shall, upon application of the employee, be credited to the employee’s account, in order to enable the employee to join the sick leave bank if the employee does not have the minimum number of sick leave days to enable the employee to join the sick leave bank.

8.                The Committee must decide whether or not to allow employees who have previously failed or refused to join the sick leave bank the opportunity to join upon deposit of the requisite number of sick leave days.

9.                The Committee shall have the authority to establish an annual enrollment period for participation in the sick leave bank.

10.           The college business office shall maintain records of all member contributions to the bank, withdrawals from the bank, and the statues of the bank.  Reports shall be provided on a timely basis at the request of the Committee, the President, or the Chancellor.

11.           The number of days loaned to an applicant shall be determined by the Committee.  Factors to be considered include, but are not limited to; need; circumstances of the illness or disability; years of service to the college; availability of days in the bank; and ability of the applicant to repay the loan.

12.           In cases where the contributor has been incapacitated, his or her agent or representative, designated as such in writing, may apply to the Committee on behalf of the contributor.  In case of mental incapacity of a contributor, the designated agent or representative must be a person who, by law, may serve in such capacity.

13.           At the discretion of the Committee, and upon the request of the applicant, a loan may be granted retroactively to the fifteenth (15) day of the absence.

14.           Resignation from participation in the sick leave bank may only be made in writing on the proper form to the Committee with a copy to the president of the College.

15.           Questions and information requests concerning the sick leave bank should be directed to Arlinda Knight.


D.              Catastrophic Sick Leave

1.                With regard to catastrophic sick leave, employees, at their discretion, may donate a specific number of days to the sick leave bank to be designated for a specific employee for use against a catastrophic illness.  A donating employee shall not be required to donate a minimum number of catastrophic days to the sick leave bank.  The recipient employee may use catastrophic sick leave days for himself or herself or for other covered persons as provided in 16-1-18-1.  Before sick leave days for a catastrophic illness may be used by a recipient employee, the recipient employee shall have first exhausted all sick and personal leave.

2.                Donated days shall become available for use by the particular employee who shall not be required to repay the days.  Any employee who donates sick leave days to the sick leave bank for a particular employee suffering a catastrophic illness shall be clearly informed that the donated days are not to be recovered or returned to the donor.  If an employee does not require all of the days donated to the credit of the employee, the days shall revert to the credit of the employee(s) who donated the days in accordance with the guidelines adopted by the Committee.

3.                No employee may donate more than thirty (30) sick leave days, not including the initial deposit of five (5) days, to the sick leave bank for the catastrophic sick leave of any one employee.

4.                A sick leave bank is authorized to donate sick leave days to another sick leave bank for use by a particular employee who is suffering a catastrophic illness.  An employee must be a member of the sick leave bank to donate or receive catastrophic sick leave days from one sick leave bank to another, only a uniform form provided by the State Board of Education may be used.

5.                A catastrophic illness is any illness, injury, or pregnancy or medical condition related to childbirth, certified by a licensed physician which causes the employee to be absent from work for an extended period of time.


Transfer of Sick Leave

          Earned sick leave, not to exceed the limits as established by Alabama State Board of Education policy for institutions under its control, may be transferred from one public institution to another.


Personal Leave

          Up to five (5) days of personal leave with pay will be granted to full-time instructional personnel and up to two (2) days for all other full-time personnel during any academic (September - August) year.  With regard to Salary Schedule H employees, a day is defined as four (4) hours for persons paid from Salary Schedule H-20, five (5) hours for persons paid from Salary Schedule H-25, six (6) hours for persons paid from Salary Schedule H-30, and seven (7) hours for persons paid from Salary Schedule H-35.  Personal leave is noncumulative.  Personal leave will not be granted if its occurrence will seriously hamper the normal routine operation of the College.  Personal Leave not taken will be converted at the end of the leave year to sick leave.  Election by the employee otherwise requires timely written notice by the employee to the institution.


Maternity Leave

          A full-time employee will be granted up to a maximum of one (1) year of maternity leave without pay.  Persons on maternity leave without pay resulting from pregnancy will be paid for earned sick leave upon request.   Persons taking maternity leave to stay at home with adopted children will not be paid for earned sick leave.  The tenure status of persons on maternity leave will not be affected.


Military Leave

          All full-time employees are eligible for paid military leave of up to 168 hours per calendar year in the event of being called to active duty. During the period of paid military leave, the respective employee shall continue to accrue all employment benefits, including sick and annual or personal leave, as well as paid medical insurance benefits. Once available paid military leave is exhausted, the employee may take available annual or personal leave and continue to receive all employment benefits.

Once the employee has exhausted all available leave, the employee may be considered to be on military leave of absence without pay. Employees on unpaid leave of absence do not accrue benefits but may choose to continue health insurance coverage by paying the designated premiums.

All full-time employees eligible for paid military leave shall also receive up to a maximum of 168 hours of paid military leave each time such eligible employee is called by the Governor of the State of Alabama to duty in the active service of the state.

On receipt of orders, the employee will submit a Leave Request Form, with a copy of the orders attached.


Family and Medical Leave Act – FMLA

The Family and Medical Leave Act entitles eligible employees to take up to twelve (12) weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave in a 12-month period for specified family and medical reasons. Designation of leave as FMLA leave must be made “up-front” whenever possible. Accrued sick leave must be exhausted before the employee is entitled to unpaid FMLA leave. Any sick leave accrued and used by an employee which would qualify for FMLA leave will count towards the twelve (12) weeks of unpaid FMLA leave available to the employee. Upon return from FMLA leave, an employee is entitled to be restored to the same job or to an equivalent job with equivalent pay, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment. In addition, an employee’s use of FMLA leave cannot result in the loss of any employment benefit that the employee earned or was entitled to before using FMLA leave.

To be eligible for FMLA benefits, a college employee must have been employed by the college for a total of 12 months from the date on which any FMLA leave is to begin and must have worked at least 1,250 hours over the previous 12 month period. The twelve (12) month period used to calculate eligibility and to be used as a “leave year” under the FMLA will be the same as that used by the college to determine annual and sick leave – September 1 through August 31.

Information pertaining to the Family and Medical Leave Act may be obtained from the Business Office.


Emergency Leave

          A maximum of three (3) emergency leave days with pay may be granted to full-time administrative and support personnel during an academic (September - August) year if, in the judgment of the President, it is essential that the employee be absent.  Emergency leave with pay is noncumulative, and is not intended to be used to supplant sick leave or personal leave.


Court Attendance

           Full-time employees who are required by a court to attend such court in the capacity of jurors or witnesses will be granted special leave with pay to attend such court.


Annual Leave

          Instructors, counselors and librarians do not earn annual leave.  Full-time personnel on schedules A, B, C, E and H (prorated) earn annual leave according to the following table:

                        Years of experience          Annual Leave Earned

                             0 – 4                    1.00 day per month

                             5 - 9                     1.25 days per month

                             10-14                            1.50 days per month

                             15-19                            1.75 days per month

                             20-above             2.00 days per month

          No more than sixty (60) accumulated annual leave days may be carried forward to the next fiscal year.  Annual leave may be taken at appropriate times as approved by the President.

A “year of experience” shall be a completed year of full-time work experience at one or more two-year colleges, the Department of Postsecondary Education, any public school, college or university in Alabama, or at any combination of the foregoing. A “year” shall be at least nine (9) months’ employment out of a twelve (12) month period. A twelve (12) month period shall be that period from September 1 to August 31. With regard to administrative, supervisory, or professional work experience, “full-time’ shall mean employment having a normal workweek of forty (40) or more hours. With regard to instructional experience (including experience as a teacher, librarian, or counselor) full-time’ shall mean employment having a normal workweek of thirty-five (35) or more hours or such number of work hours as the respective school district or college designates as full-time. With regard to work experience as a support employee, “full-time” for the purpose of computing “years of experience” shall mean employment having a normal workweek of twenty (20) or more hours. In order to receive consideration as a “year of experience” for annual leave accrual rate purposes, a “year” must be completed on or before August 31 prior to the academic year during which the leave accrual rate shall be applicable.

          The number of "years of experience" will be established and certified by the President based on verified documentation provided by the employee. The President shall certify within 30 days after full-time employment but no later than October 31.


Professional Development

          Full-time personnel shall be granted professional leave with pay for up to ten (10) days per year provided, in the opinion of the President, the professional activity will significantly enhance the employee's direct contributions to the institution and that it is consistent with the goals of the employee's professional development plan.  Professional activity is defined to include appropriate activities sponsored by professional associations and organizations such as ACA, and other professional organizations serving the two-year college employees.  A Request to Participate in a Professional Activity form is available from the Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the College.

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