Discus Setup - Interactive Form

Congratulations! You have successfully uploaded the FTP setup assistant to your server, and it is now being properly executed by your web server. In addition, it appears that your web server meets our system requirements for basic installation and operation of Discus.

On this page, you will be able to enter the parameters for your Discus board after reviewing the instructions and suggestions that have been provided for you. Don't just accept our guesses without reviewing them (and changing them if necessary)!

When specifying directories, it is necessary to use the full directory path that your server "sees". This may or may not correspond to what you see when you log in with your FTP program (many web hosts seek to restrict you to only certain parts of the server to avoid interrupting their other customers). The suggestions are generally accurate or very close to being accurate. If you find yourself substantially changing the suggestions, you might be doing something wrong.

Your server reports seeing this script as:

Path to Perl, CGI Extension, License Information

Setup has automatically selected the following parameters:

    Path to Perl: /usr/bin/perl
    CGI Extension: cgi
    Discus Version: Discus Freeware 4.00

The path to Perl, Discus version, and Discus Pro license information (if any) were configured when you downloaded this file from DiscusWare's web server. The CGI extension is chosen to match the extension on this file. If any of these parameters is incorrect, you should download another copy of this script from DiscusWare.

Administration Directory

The administration directory stores configuration files and password files for your Discus board. This directory is never accessed by a web browser. For your security, this directory should be "hidden" from the web server (out of the server's web space) if possible. In other words, the administration directory should not be accessible at http://your.server.com/something if at all possible.

If you must put this directory in a place where it's accessible via the web, we suggest a long string of numbers (or something else random) after the directory name to make it more difficult for an attacker to guess the directory name. Note that if you don't hide this directory from your web server and someone finds it and accesses it via the web, they can look at your password files and other privileged information!

Finally, this setting must be a directory and not a URL -- it should not start with http://. Unless you really know what you're doing, you shouldn't be making significant changes to the suggestion.

Administration Directory:

HTML Directory and URL

The HTML files that come with Discus, such as the instructions and main menu, are placed in the HTML Directory. In addition, your message files (topics and messages), clipart, and icons are all stored in subdirectories of the HTML Directory. This should not go under your server's CGI directory (i.e., DO NOT put it under your cgi-bin). The directory must be a directory and not a URL -- it should not start with http://!

Our suggestions for this parameter are generally quite accurate (unless you choose to rename "discus" to something else). The most common mistake in the suggestion is if the suggestion forgets to put in the directory immediately above "discus" -- sometimes named public_html, www, htdocs, docs, and so on.

HTML Directory:

You also need to give the URL that corresponds to the HTML Directory that you specified above. This must start with http://. If you changed "discus" to something else when setting up the HTML Directory, be sure to change it here too.


Script Directory and URL

The script (CGI) files that come with Discus, such as the board administration script and the new message search script, go into the Script Directory. (These are the Perl scripts that actually power Discus by writing to the message files.)

The suggestion for this parameter is over 99% accurate. You may change the "discus" part at the end if you want to, but don't change anything else unless you really know what you're doing.

Script Directory:

You also need to give the URL that corresponds to the Script Directory that you specified above. This suggestion for this parameter has proven to be over 99% accurate. If you changed the "discus" part in the Script Directory, be sure to change it here as well. Don't change anything else unless you really know what you're doing.

Script URL:

Title and Contact Information

Here is where you specify the title of your discussion board. Choose any title you wish. Since it is fairly difficult to change this later, please be sure to double-check your spelling!

Board Title:

Enter the name and e-mail address of the person who is to be contacted if there is a problem with the board. When users receive error messages, they are told to contact this person. Generally you will enter your own name and e-mail address here. This is very easy to change later.

Board Contact Person:

Board Contact E-mail Address:

User Interface Options

Available translations of the Discus User Interface are indicated on the list below. Choose the desired language for your User Interface from this list.

User Interface Language:

Submit the Form

When you have filled in all of the blanks above, click the button to generate your individual customized Discus distribution. Please note that processing could take several seconds, so please click the button only one time, and be patient.