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Institutional Research



Title III -B

Course Syllabus

Accident Report Form

2013-2014 Employee Handbook

Accident Report Form

Advisory Committee

Consent for Use of Image Form

Admissions Application

Consultant-Post Visit

Adjunct Faculty Assignment Report

Annual Performance

Adult Ed. Combined
 Salary Schedule 2007-2008

Annual Prior Approval

Meeting Minutes Template

Website Change Request Form (Instructions)

Website Change Request Form

Career Technical Follow-up

Consultant Request

Advisory Committee Evaluation

Annual Performance Evaluation (Support Staff)


Budget Center Authorization

Career Technical Follow-up


Dependent Tuition Waiver Form

Equipment Inventory Report Form

Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Budget Transfer Form

Employer Program Verification Form

Business & Industry Cost Accounting Worksheet

Completer Exit Survey


Early Warning Form
Word Document

In-State Travel Form Excel Spreadsheet w/macros

Attendance M thru F
Excel Spreadsheet

Business and Industry Visitation Record

Employment Data Sheet

Chart of Accounts Definition

IR Important Dates


Employee Tuition Waiver Form

Inventory Disposal Form

Attendance M-T-W-T
Excel Spreadsheet

Business Card Request Form


Check Request Form

Outreach/Recruiting Activities


Federal Work Study
Time Sheet

Excel Spreadsheet

Inventory Transfer Form

Attendance M-W Long
Excel Spreadsheet

Campus Lockdown Exercise Checklist

Form I-9

Disclosure Statement

Program Review Checklist Summary 


Job Description Form

Local Professional Development Form

Attendance M-W Short
Excel Spreadsheet

DATAHCTS System Evaluation Form

Non-draft Combined Salary Schedule

In-State Travel Form
Excel Spreadsheet w/macros

Unit Student Learning Outcome Worksheet


Job Vacancy Form

Mileage Chart from Montgomery to Alabama Cities

Attendance M-W-F
Excel Spreadsheet

Equipment Disposal Form

Over-time Form

Out-of-State Travel Form Excel Spreadsheet w/macros

Program Review Schedule


Registration FormWord Document

Out-of-State Travel Form Excel Spreadsheet w/macros

Attendance T-TH Long
Excel Spreadsheet

Fire Drill Check List

Payroll Change Form

Personal Injury Property Damage Claim



Transcript Release

Prior Approval for Travel Form

Attendance T-TH Short
Excel Spreadsheet

Grievance Form A

Sick Leave Bank FAQs

Personal Services Contract



Tuition Refund Request

Professional Development Report Form

Book Request Form
Excel Spreadsheet w/macros

Grievance and Appeal Procedure

Sick Leave Bank  Loan Application

Petty Cash Voucher



Work Study Job Placement Form

Professional Development Travel Request Form

Classroom Assignment

Grievance Appeal Form B

Sick Leave Bank Membership Application  

Prior Approval for Travel




Travel Request/Reimbursement Guidelines

Curriculum Change Form

Grievance Appeal Part II Form B

Sick Leave Bank Payment Form

Purchase Order




Tuition Assistance Policy and Form

Earned F Verification

Grievance Appeal Form C

Sick Leave Bank Plan

Travel Form





Full Time Faculty Course Load Summary

Grievance Appeal Part II Form C

Sick Leave Bank Resignation Form 

W-9 Request





Full-Time Faculty Overload Report

Key Request Form

Sick Leave Contribution Form

Work Order Request





Electronic Adjunct Faculty Loading Form

MEMO Template Trenholm State

 Time and Attendance






Grade Change Request

Part IV Administrative
Supervisory Factors







Incomplete Grade Contract

Part IV Faculty
Supervisory Factors







Intent to Graduate

Part IV Support Staff Supervisory Factors







Instructor Professional Growth Plan
Word Document

Performance Evaluation Administrative Staff







Library Request Form

Policies and







Notification of Unofficial Withdrawal

Request For Maintenance Form







Online Attendance Form
Excel Spreadsheet
Request For Office Assignment







Online Course Self Evaluation Form
Shelter Exercise Check List







Professional Growth Plan for Support Staff Trenholm State Vehicle
Registration Form
Review Transmittal Sheet Vendor Setup Form

Textbook Revision Form