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X:  Business Office


Monthly Payroll

          Monthly payroll checks are ready for delivery or direct deposit on the last weekday of the month.   The following deductions may apply to monthly payroll checks:

          1.      Withholding tax - Federal and State

          2.      Social Security

          3.      Retirement - All full-time employees are required by law to become members of the Teacher Retirement System.  The deduction is five (5) percent of the salary.  If an individual terminates his/her employment before becoming vested after ten years service, all deductions are refunded.  See Alabama Teacher Retirement Handbook, which is available through the State Retirement Office for complete benefits.

          4.      Group Insurance - Faculty participation in the group hospital insurance, group accident insurance, and cancer policy is optional.  Information concerning group insurance may be secured from the Business Office.

          5.      Dues - AEA, NEA, AVA, etc.

          6.      Credit Union

          7.      Tax Sheltered Annuity


Petty Cash Disbursement System

1.                The petty cash fund is limited to $100 on each campus and is the responsibility of the Director of Accounting.  At all Times the fund will be maintained in a safe. 

2.                Disbursements will be limited to minor-expenditures, which are not to exceed $15.  Sales tax charges are not reimbursable.

3.                Each disbursement will be documented by completing the standard Petty Cash Voucher, and supported by appropriate receipts.  Each voucher must be dated.

4.                To replenish the fund, all vouchers are classified as to type of expenditure (department to be charged), and reported in summary to the Accounts Payable department.  A check will then be prepared, payable to the TSTC Petty Cash Fund to replenish the fund.

5.                Unannounced audits will be performed to ensure the integrity of the fund.



          The College Bookstore is operated by the College for the benefit of the students, faculty and staff.  The purpose of the bookstore is to make the required books, supplies, general books and other assorted merchandise, which characterizes good bookstores, available to the student body and College personnel.


Ordering Textbooks

          Request for ordering a current textbook should be submitted to the Bookstore.  If the textbook is new, the request should be submitted to the Dean of Academic Services/Associate Dean of Technical Education as early as possible.

          Part-time faculty should secure textbooks through the Division Director.  Requests for textbooks shall be made by full-time faculty.  This process will ensure that the textbooks used are the same.


Inventory Procedures

          The equipment inventory of each program is computerized and equipment items are added to the inventory as invoices are processed for payment.  At this time, inventory numbers are assigned.  Equipment items are tagged by the person responsible for the equipment.

          The Business Office sends updated listings to each program semi-annually for reconciliation.  In the process of reconciliation, each person is requested to notify the Inventory Clerk of any updates, transfers or deletions that are necessary to ensure that the inventory is complete and accurate.  Copies of the revised inventory list are kept in the Business Office.


Surplus Property

          When a department determines that tools, equipment, furniture and other items are no longer needed or are beyond repair, a Disposition of Equipment Form should be completed and forwarded to the Business Office.  The Business Manager will make arrangements to have the items picked up.


Requests for Purchases

          Requests for purchases are initiated by an employee on a Requisition Form and forwarded to the appropriate dean for administrative approval.  They are then submitted to the Business Office where they are reviewed for availability of funds.  Once approved by the President or other designated Business Office personnel, a Purchase Order is issued to the appropriate vendor.  When the purchase order process has been completed, the pink copy of the requisition form is returned to the employee that initiated the request verifying that the order has been approved and mailed. Orders cannot be accepted if the order date is prior to the approved purchase order date.


Receipt of Orders

When goods are received invoices are reviewed by the employee who initiated the purchase. After verifying that the goods were received in good condition and the invoice is correct, due and payable, the employee approves the invoice for payment by signing and dating as indicated by the "Approved for Payment Stamp". The invoice is then submitted to the business office for processing.


Requests for Equipment

Requisitions for equipment should be submitted to the appropriate dean. Upon verification that funds are available and any bidding process referral has been satisfied, the request will be forwarded to the president.


Bid Process

Orders over $7,500 must conform with the State Competitive Bid Law. All purchases estimated to exceed  $50,000 must be approved by the State Board of Education prior to purchase.


Emergency Purchases

Prior planning is essential to insure economical use of budgeted funds. However, when necessary, goods or services may be purchased without adhering to the usual purchasing procedures. After approval is obtained from the president, a purchase order number can be assigned allowing the order to be phoned in or picked up and a confirming purchase order mailed at a later date.


Price Quotes

When purchases are made that do not require formal bids, telephone quotes should be requested and documented on the Verbal Bid form. This form should be maintained by the employee for future reference.



Due to legal ramifications, all donations to the college must be approved through the Business Office prior to acceptance.

When a potential donor contacts the college, they will be directed to the department responsible for related equipment or materials for assessment as to the value of the donation to this institution. Consideration must be given to the following areas before authorization will be given to accept the donation:

          1.      Can the item be used in the immediate future by the accepting department?

          2.     Are additional expenditures necessary to make the item useful?

                   Estimate:  ________________

3.     After its useful life, are there specific requirements as to the disposal of the item? Is disassembly and or breakdown required to comply with Hazardous Waste Regulations?  (The Maintenance Supervisor may be of assistance in determining disposal requirements.) The accepting department has the responsibility to disassemble and prepare this equipment and/or materials for disposal at the appropriate time.

          4.     Will the college be responsible for picking up donation?

Upon assessment, a Donated Item form must be submitted to the Business Office for authorization to accept the donation. This form will also serve as documentation to add donated equipment to the inventory of the accepting department.


Work Order Program

As approved through the State Board of Education, H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College may provide services through a Work Order System for eligible individuals and organizations. All work performed pursuant to a work order will be done by students and only when it is essential to training and necessary for the acquisition of occupational skills which lead to employment. Live work is not intended to be in competition with private industry and will not be performed when there is any connection with or relation to the making of a financial profit.

Projects are chosen which will enhance the curriculum at the time of selection and according to the following Eligibility Priority Schedule: (not according to the date requested)

1.      Trenholm Tech. College (institutional projects)

2.     a.      Trenholm Tech. College Employees.

b.      Current Trenholm Tech. Students.


3.     Tax supported Program and Institutions.

4.     Other:

a.      Public Employees: (State, County, City and Federal)

b.      Charitable organizations which are supported by donation.

c.      Students currently enrolled in other State Tech. lnst./College.

Requests should be submitted to the bookstore on a Work Order Request form. Project requests will be retained for twelve (12) months, then must be renewed to remain active.

Questions concerning this program should be directed to the Business Office.


Conflict of Interest

No employee or officer of H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College shall have financial interest directly or indirectly in the purchase of or contract for property or contractual service or make any violation of the contract provisions. Any person involved in any violation shall be subject to disciplinary action.


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