As part of the Management Information Systems Division of H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College, Office Administration is a mission-critical function in preparing individuals to become employed in the Information Technology workforce. This Department, sometimes referred to as Office Technology, serves the student, community, and college in two very important and distinct ways.   First, as an Office Administrator: we teach the student to understand the importance of gathering reliable data so that the data can be processed to become information from which management decisions can be made; 2) Office Technologist: we teach the student to use the tools of the office technologists so that a full range of materials can be made available to the administrator to make informed decisions.  In other words: within the Office Administration Department, students learn to be both Office Administrator and Office Technologists - the very best of both worlds.

The repertoire of tools used to become Administrators/Technologists, include but are not limited to: Microsoft Office XP Professional, Adobe PageMaker, XP Professional, Utilities, and other related software tools.  Take for example the collection of data to be prepared in a spreadsheet for analysis.  The student learns to collect the data, create spreadsheet applications to process the data, and use PowerPoint to prepare a summary presentation for management.  Also, the student will use desktop publishing software, i.e., Adobe PageMaker, to prepare a distribution newsletter.  It is the sum total of these office application tools that enable an individual to become a superb office administrator and technologists.

H. Councill  Trenholm State Technical College is an authorized Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) training and testing center.  MOUS Certification carries national recog- nition and can be very valuable in obtaining employment or enhanced credentials for better salary opportunities.

Employment opportunities are expected to grow and earnings can range from entry level positions to much higher incomes for certified and experienced individuals.  For salary information, visit the following web site:


The overall mission of the Management Information Systems Division is to prepare students for the acquisition, utilization, and advancement of Information Technology (IT) skills in order for the student to successfully acquire employment, and once employed, utilize these skills to sustain and advance their respective Information Technology and/or Business Careers.


Associate Degree in Applied Technology in Office Administration

  Information/Word Processing Emphasis

  Legal Secretary Emphasis

  Medical Secretary Emphasis

  Graphic Communications Emphasis

  Computer Applications Emphasis

Certificate in Office Administration

Specialized Training Certificate in Office Administration


Tuition Award    Length & Fees   Books   Tools   Supplies

Degree   6 Terms                $5,472                $1,550                $0                $200

Certificate                4 Terms                $3,648                $1,000                $0                $100       

Specialized Training Certificate                2-3 Terms     $1,824                $400                $0                $50

* Length is based on full-time status of 12-15 credit hours per term, depending on your program. Enrollment in developmental level General Education courses will alter the length of the program.  Tuition and fee costs are based on the total number of credit hours for the particular award.  Cost of tuition and fees, as well as books will increase if prerequisite courses are necessary. 

All costs are approximate and subject to change.