H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College is a comprehensive two-year technical college located in Montgomery, Alabama. The College provides technical certificate and degree programs; adult learning opportunities; civic, social, cultural and personal development opportunities; business and industry training opportunities; and support of economic development for the central Alabama region.  The College is part of the Alabama College system, a statewide system of postsecondary colleges, Governed by the Alabama Board of Education.

The College operates two campuses - the Patterson Campus and the Trenholm Campus and provides educational services for Montgomery and the surrounding area.



H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College provides vocational, technical, academic, and lifelong educational opportunities; promotes economic growth; and enhances the quality of life for the people of central Alabama.  The College operating as one entity, integrating all programs and services where feasible into a single delivery system, is committed to providing comprehensive technical services to its community. 

Through its open door admission policy and special recruitment efforts, H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College helps multitudes of disadvantaged students obtain real educational opportunities offering promising students a better beginning.  



  H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College will provide a dynamic learner-centered environment where excellence in teaching, learning, and serving improves the lives of its students and the community it serves.



  The mission of H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College is to provide accessible educational opportunities for career preparation; advancement; and life-long learning; to promote economic growth, and to enhance the quality of life for people in central Alabama.



  We believe:

Each employee, student, and graduate of the College must live by a code of conduct that reflects integrity, professionalism, and caring for the dignity, value, and cultural diversity of individual human beings.

  Quality educational opportunities must be affordable, convenient, and geographically accessible for all students, no matter where they are in life.

Learning is a lifelong process reflected in an academic continuum of developmental, pre-college, general, technical, continuing, and adult education; customized skill training; and, one-stop career development.

  In ensuring an accessible and supportive environment that empowers and nurtures students, graduates, and employees to make a positive difference in people's lives and meaningful contributions to society.

  In developing and nurturing partnerships with business, industry, labor, government, educational systems, and our communities.

  In being focused on teaching, learning, and dedication to student success.

  In using the resources entrusted to us in an accountable and responsible manner.



  GOAL 1  To ensure access to quality career preparation and life-long learning for all persons, without regard for age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or disability.

  GOAL 2 To provide opportunities for individuals to receive certificates, associate degrees, and industry recognized credentials in current and emerging occupational and technical fields.

  GOAL 3  To enhance economic development in the region through programs and services for area employers and the community.

  GOAL 4  To meet the needs of a variety of community-based populations through credit, non-credit, and basic education courses, offering flexible schedules and convenient instructional sites; and making available services, activities, and other resources.

  GOAL 5 To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of career preparation for students by providing appropriate assessments and career counseling services, and by implementing articulation agreements with local school systems and universities.

  GOAL 6  To develop faculty and staff who are competent, professional, and enthusiastic in advancing the mission of the College.

  GOAL 7  To institutionalize the strategic planning process to allocate, develop, and maintain college resources, and undertake strategic reviews of all programs and services to ensure the long-term viability of the College.

  GOAL 8  To integrate the most up-to-date technological, andragogical, curricular and environmental resources into its teaching, service, support, and administrative functions.

  GOAL 9  To establish an environment which is safe, healthy, aesthetically pleasing, accessible to students, and otherwise conducive to learning.