July 3, 2003
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Alabama’s Adult Education report card is ranked 1st in the nation.

 Montgomery:  She listens.  She cares.  She understands.  She is compassionate and she is helpful. 

    She, Geneva Patterson, is the Adult Education Teacher of the Year for Alabama.  She was honored recently by Ms. Lynn Ivey, State Adult Education President for 2002-03 at the Adult Education Summer Conference in Birmingham.  More than 800 adult education instructors and supervisors attended the annual statewide conference held in Birmingham in June. 

    Ms. Patterson is the JOBS/Adult Education Instructor at Trenholm State Technical College in Montgomery where she teaches adults, 18 to 34, the fundamentals of improving their quality of life through education and job placement.  Her local supervisor, Eileen Olive, nominated Ms. Patterson for her outstanding performance.

     “My desire is to assist all students who realize that without a GED their employment opportunities are very limited in today’s competitive market.  I have seen students come to Trenholm for help to get a GED and to continue their training with us or at other colleges and universities in Alabama”.

    Ms. Patterson spends her days simply helping students understand it’s a “tough world out there”.  She teaches them the basics of job responsibility and even helps them find jobs. 

    Her success rate is excellent.  Thirty-four students in her class have passed the GED in the last two years and the majority of the students have moved on to get competitive jobs to support their families.

    She also helps them continue their education through Career Link opportunities in the city or by assisting them in getting enrolled in the college of their choice.

    Adult Education and Skills Training Classes are in big demand at Trenholm and across the country.  Enrollment continues to increase every year.  This year seventy-seven students have participated at the Trenholm campus.    Students realize today that the better paying jobs require at least a GED and multi-tasked skills.

    Trenholm is part of a five-county Adult Education Consortium that offers specialized classes for students seeking a diploma and improving their quality of life.

    “This is quite an honor for us to have Ms. Patterson selected as the Outstanding Adult Education teacher of the year”, says Trenholm Tech president, Dr. Anthony Molina.  “We’re proud, the students are proud, and the local businesses are proud of the success rate she has enjoyed with her students”.



From the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education
Adult Education Division
334 353 4885

    Adult Education programs are provided in every county in Alabama.

•    Adult Education programs operate efficiently – the average annual cost per student is $610.

•    The accountability system for Alabama’s adult education program is one of the most rigorous in the nation and has earned a

      National Reporting system for Adult Education Data Quality rating of Superior.

•    The adult education management information system provides administrators many reports that are useful to implementing program
      improvements initiatives.

•    The accountability system for Alabama’s adult education programs has resulted in improved performance, improved service to adult

      education clients, and maximizing the return on investment of public funds.

•    Alabama’s adult education program is experiencing a growing need for English-As-A-Second Language instructors to deal with the

      270 percent increase in the state’s Hispanic population over the last decade.

•    Alabama education under the Department of Postsecondary Education is emphasizing the link between adult education and

      workforce development.  Preparing adults for employment and self-sufficiency is crucial for the economic health of the state.

•    The Department of Postsecondary Education has developed the Adult Education and Skills Training Division at every member

      institution.  The Division provides a complete array of pre-employment skills preparation and job-readiness programs.