JULY 1, 2003
CONTACT:  Kim Davis 334 409-9555


        Learn to solve all of the many problems you have ever had with your computer including
                        hardware, software, Internet and accessories

 MONTGOMERY:  Remember how annoying it always is to wait, it seems for hours, for a PC troubleshooter to answer questions about your computer?  Then, you stay on the telephone for still more time trying to figure out how to follow the instructions.

          Wait no more!  Trenholm Tech is offering new PC Technical Support classes designed to help grandmothers, students, teenagers, retirees, even working moms and dads who need simple PC hardware instruction.  Learn how to solve many of the computer problems you call for support.

            Fall registration begins August 18th on the Patterson Campus where the new non-credit class will be taught in the Computerized Automation Technology Department.  Classes will begin August 22nd through December – 18th.

            The PC Hardware class will be the first class in a series of technical support classes offered throughout the coming semesters.  The new class will include a flexible day and night schedules, on Monday and Wednesday from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm and on Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm.

            Additional PC technical support classes will include PC software and installation, PC Repair, PC Lab, LAN or Networking, Copper (Wiring) and Fiber (Wiring).  All class sizes will be limited. Call 334 420-4372 to register.

            “We’re excited about the new PC classes.  So many people in the Montgomery community have inquired about taking a non-credit PC hardware class at Patterson where they can learn about the basics of troubleshooting on their PCs,” says staff instructor Henry Tylicki. 

            Tylicki says this is the perfect time for people of all ages, especially adults and senior adults, to learn basic skills and safety, resolving computer conflicts, data-recovery techniques, even upgrading the PC’s RAM.

“I should enroll in the new PC support classes”, says Trenholm Tech president, Dr. Anthony Molina.  “Often times I frantically ask my PC support technicians to help me solve simple computer problems.  These classes are certainly in line with the kind of technical support that are needed by every one who uses the computer for everything from Internet usage to scanning family pictures.” 

The classes are a part of Trenholm’s new Adult and Senior Adult Education Outreach in the Montgomery community.