Mr. Clinton Carter

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The Mayor, Dr. Molina and Trenholm Staff

Dr. Anthony Molina


Mayor Bobby Bright (seated)


                              Montgomery Mayor Bright issues Proclamation to College and Montgomery Public Schools

EVENT: Annual proclamation by states, cities, with schools, colleges, etc., to highlight the importance of career and technical education in the secondary and postsecondary institutions.

DATE OF SIGNING: 9:00 am, Feb 14, 2003, the office of the Mayor of Montgomery, Bobby Bright. Proclamation issued to the College and the Montgomery Public School System.

WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Trenholm State Technical College is the largest two-year technical college in the State of Alabama with over 1800 students and Montgomery Public Schools has over 3000 career tech students.  Career Tech courses are offered from middle school to two year colleges.   Career and Technical education courses can provide a foundation of skills that enable high school graduates to be gainfully employed either full time or while attending college.   There are at least 11 million secondary and postsecondary career tech students in the USA according to the National Association for Career and Technical Education (NACTE)  200l statistics.  Career and Technical Education, school to career, school to work are related and come under an umbrella term that unites all career-related education, such as career exploration, TECH PREP, cooperative education and vocational education.   According to  NACTE information gathered from a large scale survey, career and technical education graduates earned significantly more than a comparable group of non-vocational graduates and the earnings gap between the two groups appeared to widen with time.