November 13, 2003

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MONTGOMERY:  Barbara Doxie is going home to surf the net.  She is not afraid or nervous any more about using her computer.  In fact, she has a new found confidence since taking a computer orientation course for senior citizens at Trenholm State Technical College.


Mrs. Doxie seemed to enjoy Thursday’s two hour free computer class.  Trenholm Tech’s Information Technology Director Charles Harris showed the students the basics of operating the computer.  From simply turning it on and off to learning how to email friends and organizing a daily calendar, Harris kept the enthusiastic students glued to the computer monitor.


“We live in a hi tech information age.  You can now communicate with any one all over the world who has a computer just by clicking a button,” explained Harris who is upgrading Trenholm’s technology infrastructure.


“We have moved the college from telephone lines to fiber optics and we have more hi tech plans in store for Trenholm”, Harris told the students.


Today though, they were eager to learn how to… how to save messages, how to connect to the internet, how to check email, how to tell the computer to remind them about a doctor’s appointment, all via computer and all compliments of Trenholm .


“The smiles on their faces tell the whole story,” said Trenholm Tech president Dr. Anthony Molina.  “We are happy to offer this new class to our valued senior citizens as part of our community outreach.”


The students, most of them senior citizens from the Montgomery community, have ahome computer they seldom use.  Most said they never took the time to learn how to turn it on. 


Today’s introductory lesson excited them so much that they want to go home and practice what they have learned, especially Wilma Walters who plans to get her husband to attend the next computer class at Trenholm.


Edward Stevens thought Harris did an outstanding job of instructing.  “I am so pleased, I hope he will conduct more classes,” he said.


“We plan to next year”, says Harris.  Stay tuned.